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Current RSVP Volunteer Opportunities

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

[UPDATED 6/30/2021] A helpful roundup of all current volunteer opportunities available to AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers. Includes in-person as well as remote/virtual opportunities.

NOTE: This post will be updated regularly and will always be featured on our home page.

Volunteer opportunities will indicate "IN-PERSON" or "REMOTE".

REMOTE. Make telephone check-in calls to socially isolated seniors and adults with disabilities. Background check and computer use required. Sponsored by Aging & Long Term Care of Eastern Washington (ALTCEW).

REMOTE. Provides technical training and support to MOB clients, including program participants (age 60+), other ALTCEW MOB-V volunteers, and ALTCEW falls prevention staff. Assist with tech devices, internet connectivity, and the Zoom platform in order for clients to attend and interact effectively in virtual MOB-V sessions online.

IN-PERSON. Retail/customer service at Garland district thrift store.

REMOTE. For more information on any of the following positions, please contact Kari Strain at (509) 679-8795 or

  • Virtual Disaster Action Team (DAT) Responder On-call position to provide services and resources to clients impacted by house fire or other disaster.

  • Virtual Disaster Mental Health Looking for a credentialed mental health professional to support virtual family assistance center for those impacted by COVID and ongoing opportunity to support those impacted by other disasters.

  • Virtual Disaster Community Partnerships

  • Someone comfortable on the computer and phone to conduct outreach to organizations and verify resources available for those impacted by disaster.

  • Virtual Disaster Recovery Team Member

  • Provide follow-up casework for clients impacted by disaster and ensure they have resources needed for road to recovery.

  • Virtual Service to Armed Forces Community Resource Development Conduct outreach and document resources and services available to military community to meet critical needs.

IN-PERSON. Serve meals or work in the food bank.

IN-PERSON. Drive cancer patients to oncology appointments, using your own vehicle.

IN-PERSON. Deliver commodity food boxes to homebound clients.

IN-PERSON. Assist low-income clients with accessing services including food, energy assistance, rent assistance, and more.

REMOTE. Pen-pal program writing letters to adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. NOTE: This is not an official RSVP service activity, and is not eligible for AmeriCorps Seniors benefits. We are still promoting it as a remote service activity addressing a critical need. Contact Britta Maddox at for more information.

REMOTE (return to in-person post-pandemic). Serve as the Treasurer on the Friends of the Bluff board. Provide budget management and financial planning. Current Treasurer will provide training.

IN-PERSON. Deliver meals to homebound seniors, using your own vehicle. NEW VOLUNTEER NEED: looking for office volunteer to help with administrative work, especially answering phones. Any weekday, particularly 10 am - 1 pm.

IN-PERSON. Sort and package food donations at distribution center.

REMOTE. Knit, crochet, and quilt winter clothing and accessories for low-income and homeless people throughout Spokane County. Yarn and other supplies available at no cost.

IN-PERSON. Sort and package food donations at distribution center.

IN-PERSON. Level Up after-school mentor program, station volunteer (general assistance).

IN-PERSON. Provide transportation to Spokane County residents age 60+ or adults with disabilities for medical-related needs, such as appointments or picking up prescriptions from the pharmacy. Must use on vehicle.

IN-PERSON. Provide administrative/clerical assistance; pick up and deliver blood products using Vitalant vehicles; provide refreshments to and monitor blood donors; help run blood drives.

IN-PERSON. Positions include Dishwasher, Driver, Grocery Packager, Kitchen Assistant, Meal & Grocery Distribution, Meal Packager, and Traffic Control.

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