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Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners (SNAP)

Fort Wright Office

3102 W. Fort George Wright Drive
Spokane, WA 99224

(509) 456-SNAP (7627)


Phone Assistant, Ambassador


East Central (for phone assistant), Various (for ambassadors)

Focus Area: 

Capacity Building

Populations served: 

Time Commitment:



Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners (SNAP) is the local and regional advocate for the most vulnerable people living within our community. With a dedicated board of directors, staff and volunteers, SNAP diligently searches for long-term solutions to eliminate poverty.


As the Spokane area’s Community Action leader, SNAP takes the lead in educating and empowering our low-income neighbors. We’ve always believed that a hand-up goes a lot further than a hand-out, and have, since our inception, helped people transition from crisis to stability by caring for immediate needs while laying the foundation for future success. Our mission is to increase the human potential of our community by providing opportunities for people in need.

Volunteering with SNAP

Front Desk/Phone Assistant Volunteers - CURRENTLY SUSPENDED


The role of the Volunteer Phone Assistant would be to assist with answering phones in a way that treats every person with dignity and respect, while answering their questions to the best of your ability. This position would likely be based at our East office, located in the East Central Community Center at 500 S Stone.


Volunteers can benefit from this experience by: earning a positive work reference; enhancement of personal or professional interests; contributing to SNAP’s Mission and Vision; and gaining knowledge of community resources.




1. Knows how to operate multi-line phone or is willing to learn

2. Maintains accurate records of social services and phone numbers for information and referral services, check for updates; training to be provided

3. Responds to requests for information by providing general SNAP program information and/or referrals to appropriate agencies

4. Answers and screens phone calls, logs type of request

5. Works with coworkers and volunteers to promote a positive, respectful and productive working environment. Provides excellent customer service at all times, as well as helps to grow the customer service culture within the agency

6. Protects client confidentiality and dignity

7. Requested time commitment is approximately 2-6 hours per week with preferred availability weekday mornings




The SNAP Ambassador program was developed in response to the increased outreach requests from community partners and organizations.  The target audiences are varied and range from past, current or potential SNAP clients, attendees at community expo events, corporate partners or contacts, and current or potential donors. The role of the Ambassador is to facilitate community presentations and program promotion to groups of various sizes as well as outreach events/expos throughout the year.


Volunteers can benefit from this experience by: earning a positive work reference; enhancement of personal or professional interests, sharing the experience with other like-minded individuals, enjoying community events and providing necessary information to people who can benefit from SNAP services.



1. Demonstrate key concepts during community presentations

2. Communicate effectively to various audiences in a variety of settings

3. Foster positive relationships with general public, SNAP clients, and partners


To find out more about these opportunities, please contact
Mariah McConnaughey at (509) 319-3012 or

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