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RSVP Advisory Council

Contemporary Boardroom

Looking for an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and put your professional experience to work?

Join the RSVP Council and help shape the succes of our program!

The RSVP Advisory Council is a group of individuals representing the interests of our volunteers, volunteer stations, and the community at large. Advisory Council members advise, assist, and advocate for effective project operations of RSVP of Spokane County. They support constructive changes within the program, generate new ideas, and serve as ambassadors to the wider Spokane County community.

Primarily, Advisory Council members are committed to the following three goals:

  1. Promote RSVP to potential members in order to help the program meet its volunteer recruitment targets

  2. Assist with planning and executing one or more successful Recognition events each year to celebrate the contributions of RSVP volunteers

  3. Capture the remarkable stories of RSVP volunteers in order to communicate these stories to the local and national service communities

Members may include, but are not limited to:

  • Current (or former) RSVP volunteers

  • Staff of current (or former) RSVP volunteer stations

  • Representatives of other community organizations

  • Providers of services related to the community needs addressed by the RSVP project

  • Students, particularly in relevant fields like aging studies/gerontology, social work, public administration, marketing, communications, etc.

How can I help RSVP? Become an Advisory Council Member!

Please download and complete the Advisory Council Membership Application.

Return completed form to:  Cyndi Cook, RSVP Director     Phone: (509) 720-5635      Email:

By mail sent to:  Director, RSVP of Spokane County, 1126 N Monroe Spokane, WA 99201

Please scroll down to find out a bit more about what it means to be a RSVP Council Member.

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What is RSVP of Spokane County?

A little more about being an Advisory Council Member.

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