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RSVP Advisory Council

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Join the Advisory Council and help shape the success of our program!

Looking for an opportunity to demonstrate leadership and put your professional experience to work?

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Current Advisory Council Members

Larry Abernathy, Retired Community Member, Current RSVP Volunteer

  • Leadership Experience: Media Spokesman, Boilermaker's Union

  • Civic Involvement: Project Warm-Up

Rich Baker, Retired Bookstore Owner, Part-Time at House of Charity, Current RSVP Volunteer

  • Business Experience: Owner, CrystalWolfe Blends (Handmade products, Artwork, Workshops)

  • Hobbies/Interests: Digital Artwork, Alternative healing, Reiki, Counseling

Richard Craven, Interior Designer, Current RSVP Volunteer

  • Hobbies/Interests: Art, Interior Design

  • Civic Involvement: Project Warm-Up

Marilyn Reed, Retired Graphic Designer, Current RSVP Volunteer

  • Leadership Experience: Board of Directors, Chester Cemetery Dist.

  • Civic Involvement: Project Warm-Up

About the RSVP Advisory Council

The RSVP Advisory Council is a group of individuals representing the interests of our volunteers, volunteer stations, and the community at large. Advisory Council members advise, assist, and advocate for effective project operations of RSVP of Spokane County. They support constructive changes within the program, generate new ideas, and serve as ambassadors to the wider Spokane County community.

Primarily, Advisory Council members are committed to the following three goals:

  1. Promote RSVP to potential members in order to help the program meet its volunteer recruitment targets

  2. Assist with planning and executing one or more successful Recognition events each year to celebrate the contributions of RSVP volunteers

  3. Capture the remarkable stories of RSVP volunteers in order to communicate these stories to the local and national service communities

Members may include, but are not limited to:

  • Current (or former) RSVP volunteers

  • Staff of current (or former) RSVP volunteer stations

  • Representatives of other community organizations

  • Providers of services related to the community needs addressed by the RSVP project

  • Students, particularly in relevant fields like aging studies/gerontology, social work, public administration, marketing, communications, etc.


  1. Willingness to commit to full term of service and attend meetings and required events

  2. Interest in and enthusiasm for promoting the capabilities of older adults

  3. Knowledge of human and social needs of the community, or a willingness to learn

  4. Competence in the field of community service and volunteerism, or a willingness to learn

  5. Ability to advise the project on its administrative and program responsibilities including project assessment, fundraising, publicity, and data reporting requirements


  1. Background in marketing, communications, public relations, or a related field

  2. Experience in nonprofit management, volunteer management, or project management

  3. Network of contacts in Spokane County, especially with members of the press, other nonprofit organizations, and other community agencies

How to Join the RSVP Advisory Council

All individuals interested in Advisory Council membership are invited to sit in on a regular Advisory Council meeting to learn more about the group and its roles and responsibilities.

To apply for membership, please download and complete the Advisory Council Membership Application.

Return completed form to:

Cyndi Cook, RSVP Director

RSVP of Spokane County

YMCA of the Inland Northwest

1126 N Monroe

Spokane, WA 99201

Phone: (509) 720 5635


Serving on the Advisory Council

Advisory Council members commit to a defined term of service, serve on one of the three standing committees (Marketing/Outreach, Recognition, Resource Development), and attend regular meetings. Members should expect to commit an average of two to four hours a month.

Committee-Only Members

Individuals who wish to assist the RSVP project but are unable to commit to a full position on the general Advisory Council may participate in a committee-only capacity. Such individuals will be listed on the roster under their chosen committee (Marketing/Outreach, Recognition, or Resource Development) and will be expected to participate in (or contribute to) committee meetings. Committee-only members will not be obligated to attend general Advisory Council meetings, but will of course be welcome to attend general meetings as desired.


Committee-only members may not hold positions as officers. Additionally, committee-only members will not be counted for the purpose of determining quorum at general Advisory Council meetings/functions.

Complete List of Roles and Functions of the
RSVP Advisory Council

The Advisory Council:

  1. Advises and supports RSVP staff in forming local policy, planning, and developing operational procedures and practices consistent with national Senior Corps policies.

  2. Assists the sponsor by promoting community support for the sponsor and for RSVP of Spokane County, and assists in planning and promoting the mobilization of financial and in-kind resources.

  3. Appraises project operation annually and submits a report to the sponsor, based on review of volunteer stations, discussions with current volunteers, surveys, or other methods. The appraisal should be completed approximately halfway through the project year so that results may be used by RSVP staff in preparing the grant renewal application.

  4. Ensures grievance procedure for volunteers is accessible and available to all volunteers.

  5. Promotes constructive relationships with the community’s key individuals and agencies.

  6. Helps plan, implement, and participate in RSVP recognition events.

  7. Provides ideas and/or contacts for developing new volunteer stations.

  8. Provides ideas and/or contacts for recruiting new volunteers.

  9. Conducts regular meetings according to a schedule agreed upon in advance.

  10. Commits to a defined term of service.

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