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Catholic Charities Volunteer Chore Services

1960 N Holy Names Ct
Spokane, WA 99224

(509) 459-6172


Chore assistance, transportation, food delivery



Focus Area: 

Aging in Place, Food Security

Populations served: 

Time Commitment:

Varies; flexible

Seniors, individuals with disabilities

VOLUNTEER CHORE SERVICES ~ Spokane, Colville, Walla Walla, Wilbur

Volunteer Chore Services provides a wide range of household tasks and assistance that enable low-income elderly and disabled clients to remain in their own homes with dignity, safety, and a connection to their community. Assistance includes housework, laundry, transportation, shopping and various other independent living requests. Volunteers also participate in one-time projects such as moves and yard clean-ups.

Volunteers are screened, oriented and trained according to Washington State law, Volunteer Chore Service contract requirements and Program/Agency policies.

Volunteering with the Volunteer Chore Services - IN-PERSON

Assist low-income seniors with chores so they can stay in their own homes for as long and as safe as they can. NOTE: In-home chore services are suspended at this time. The following are safe "contact-less" activities.


Lawn mowing in the summer - to ensure social distancing, call the client when you get there and call when you are finished.

Commodities Senior Food Box Delivery

Every 3rd Wednesday of each month help deliver boxes to drop off at apartments. Wear mask when going into apartment building. Every 3rd Thursday of each month help deliver boxes to individual homes. Wear mask to the door, knock, leave box on doorstep, and go. Call and let the client know their box is on the porch or out front.

For more information, please contact Cyndie Lapke at (509) 459-6172 or

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