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Friends of the Bluff

P.O. Box 30771

Spokane, WA 99223


Event Planner


South Hill

Focus Area: 

Capacity Building

Populations served: 

Time Commitment:



The Friends of the Bluff was formed as a community group of volunteers in 2010 as stewards of the High Drive Bluff Park in Spokane, WA.

The High Drive Bluff Park

More than 20 miles of trails wind through 500 acres of Ponderosa Pine forests and bunchgrass meadows along a steep hillside below High Drive on the western edge of Spokane's South Hill. This is the High Drive Bluff Park. We call it the Bluff and it's a treasure.

Our Mission

The mission of the Friends of the Bluff is to steward the High Drive Bluff through volunteer efforts, community partnerships, and education. We conserve the area in a natural, sustainable state for multiple users who respect the resource, each other, and wildlife.

Who are We?

The current Bluff users are passionate about the area for the measure of nature, solitude, and proximity it provides. The Friends of the Bluff work to conserve these positive elements while counteracting the negative impacts of human use on the Bluff.

The City of Spokane is the landowner and holds the ultimate responsibility for the park. With limited resources to manage the area, the City has welcomed the partnership and volunteer effort offered by the Friends of the Bluff Group.

Volunteering with Friends of the Bluff


About the position: 

REMOTE (return to in-person post-pandemic).

Friends of the Bluff is seeking a conservation-minded person who has experience with budget management and financial planning. On a monthly basis the Treasurer will report cash flow, manage bank accounts, and authorize large transactions. Depending on desire and experience this person will help develop our 21/22 budget and guide our long and short term financial goals. 

Volunteer will ideally be willing to commit to a 1-3 year term. As a voting member of the board, candidate will be willing to engage on topics outside of the scope of finance. 

Typical monthly commitment: 3 hour board meeting, 1 hour preparing transaction report, 1 hour responding to emails.


Current Treasurer will provide training. An interest in using financial software like Quickbooks is preferred. A stable internet connection and webcam/microphone are needed.


Event Planner

About the position: 


REMOTE (return to in-person post-pandemic).

We would love a creative, organized, outgoing events person to join our team to help us with 1-2 big events each year.


Our primary friend- and fundraising event, Bluff Talks, is annually in November. For this event, which is loosely based on TED Talks, we invite 5-6 community leaders or interesting people to come tell a story or share information that is in some way related to the South Hill Bluff in 10 minutes or less. Each year has a theme or is focused on relevant current events associated with our open space park. We encourage diversity of subject matter, as long as it in some way relates to the Bluff. Presenters may be naturalists, historians, activists, athletes, artists, etc.

Skills needed:

Some experience is preferred but not necessary.


Event planner duties for this and other events include:

  • venue selection

  • venue and vendor relationship management

  • budget management

  • coordination and delegation of projects/tasks to board members and volunteers

  • speaker and entertainment planning/invitation/coordination

  • catering/food plan

  • fundraising project coordination

  • emcee or emcee designation

  • sponsor relations and appreciation

  • public relations and promotion of event

  • decoration

  • managing and overseeing the event on the day of, including problem-solving, welcoming guests, directing event set-up, communicating with volunteers and speakers, organizing vendors, and managing take-down

  • “thank yous” to speakers, venue, vendors, volunteers.


If you are interested in assisting with the planning of Bluff Talks, we would be happy to have you!

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