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May is Older Americans Month

Help us celebrate the contributions of older Americans to our community by entering our "OAM Story Contest" on Facebook

May is Older Americans Month and with this year’s theme of “Communities of Strength,” it is the perfect time to demonstrate how AmeriCorps Seniors contributes to the strength of communities.

Join us throughout the month of May and celebrate how national service volunteers and older Americans in general strengthen our communities. Get involved by entering our OAM Story Contest:

  • During the month of May, post a story on Facebook about how older Americans make our community stronger. Photos and videos are highly encouraged! Be sure to tag @RSVPofSpokaneCounty so we see it. We encourage you to also include the #OlderAmericansMonth, and tag @AmeriCorpsSr as well.

  • If you don't use Facebook, you can also email your story to us at - but you must give us permission to post your story on our Facebook page.

  • At the end of the month, we'll choose our top three favorite stories to feature on our website, and the post creators will receive a prize from us.

Your story could highlight a particular contribution made by an older member of your community; it could be an explanation, in your words, of why older Americans make our communities stronger; it could be as simple as a video message offering your thanks to older Americans in your community.

There are no limits to how you choose to express yourself! Just make sure to tag us so we see it!

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