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AmeriCorps Fraud Alert

Be advised of a fraudulent scam using the AmeriCorps and CNCS names and the names of its programs.

Scammers have claimed to be senior officials of the agency and have stated that AmeriCorps offers an “empowerment program” as “compensation” to help the retired, widowed, divorced, or disabled and all one has to do is put down a financial deposit. This is an attempt by fraudsters to steal from the American public by using the name of a Federal government entity, images of fake Facebook pages for the Corporation for National and Community Service/AmeriCorps and its senior officials, and non-governmental email addresses in the name of real AmeriCorps officials.

If you receive a call, text message, or are contacted via social media from an apparent AmeriCorps official asking for money, you should cease communication and inform the Office of Inspector General through its Complaint Hotline:

Further, please be aware that the official email address of AmeriCorps officials ends with AmeriCorps officials do not use public email providers such as Gmail or Yahoo.

AmeriCorps DOES NOT:

  • Call, text, or use social media to demand payment for any of its programs from individuals; or

  • Require individuals to send money in order participate in its programs.

Americans should not give out sensitive information over the phone, by text, by email or by social media. When in doubt, hang up or end the communications and reach out directly to AmeriCorps or its Office of Inspector General.

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