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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Senior Reassurance Calls Program

Updated: May 12, 2020

Isolated seniors and adults with disabilities need social support and connection now more than ever. Here's how you can help.

UPDATE: The original version of this post stated that volunteers must have access to a computer, internet connection, and email account in order to participate. Alternative accommodations may be available for those without internet/email access. Please call (509) 344-7787 if you would like to inquire about participating with alternative accommodations.


Aging & Long Term Care of Eastern Washington (ALTCEW) is in need of volunteers to support their Senior Reassurance Calls Program, and RSVP of Spokane County is encouraging individuals looking for a safe way to volunteer from home to sign up and receive RSVP benefits for this service activity.

The Senior Reassurance Calls Program provides regularly scheduled phone calls to seniors and adults with disabilities to verify their well-being and connect them to available services. By doing so, we hope to not only help reduce victimization and health concerns, but also isolation. Those interested in enrolling as clients or learning more can call the ALTCEW helpline at (509) 960-7281 or email

For those interested in assisting as volunteers, read on for the official job description, requirements, and on-boarding process. If you are not already an RSVP member, we encourage you to enroll in RSVP first in order to receive program benefits for this service activity.


Position Overview

Provide weekly check-in calls to seniors and disabled individuals based on client-preferred call schedule. Isolated seniors and people with disabilities benefit from personally talking one-on-one to another individual. This position reports to the Community Living Connections department at ALTCEW.

Volunteer staff will maintain documentation of all assigned clients, as well as:

  • Date and time of each call

  • If a referral for community services is needed

  • If a client has experienced some trauma or a personal emergency

Volunteer staff will provide regularly scheduled feedback in the form of a shared spreadsheet to Community Living Connections.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

  • Provide regularly scheduled phone contact based on the clients' needs. Client assignments will depend on the number of volunteers available, but volunteers should anticipate being assigned 5-10 clients to contact regularly. Anticipated time commitment is 5-10 hours per week.

  • Call is placed at clients' requested pre-arranged dates and times. Most clients request one to two calls per week, during the hours of 10 am - 2 pm.

  • Verify each client's well-being, share resources and other useful information.

  • Connect the client to community services and/or emergency response, if necessary.

  • Reduce isolation, victimization, and health concerns.

Minimum Requirements

  • This position requires a criminal background check that qualifies the individual to work with vulnerable adults (WAC 388-133). Background check will be conducted ALTCEW. Prospective volunteers will receive an email with the link to the background check once their application has been accepted. Applicants must have and maintain a valid driver's license.

  • Volunteers must sign and abide by the Washington State Department of Social & Health Services "Nondisclosure of Confidential Information" agreement.

  • Volunteers must have access to an internet-connected device and email account in order to apply, receive communications from ALTCEW, and report client feedback. UPDATE: Alternative accommodations may be available for those without internet/email access.

Physical Demands

  • Ability to work on computers and the telephone, typing for up to 3 hours per day

  • Speech, visual, and hearing skills sufficient to interact with ALTCEW staff and the public

  • Must have finger dexterity to operate computers

  • Constant sitting while documenting

  • Occasional periods of writing

  • Infrequent bending, stretching, and lifting

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Knowledge of ALTCEW services including the Area Agency on Aging service network and Community Living Connections (training will be provided)

  • Experience working with older adults and/or disabled individuals preferred

  • Experience documenting and communicating in writing

  • Ability to access a shared spreadsheet via the internet in order to report client feedback

Behavioral Standards

  • Represent ALTCEW in a positive manner and support the mission of the agency

  • Effectively communicate with clients, ALTCEW staff, and other volunteers with a friendly, courteous, and respectful attitude

  • Demonstrate compassion for clients and their care

  • Effectively communicate one-on-one and in a small group setting

  • Ability to be an effective team member that helps the organization meet its objectives

  • Take initiative to meet objectives

  • Demonstrate honest and ethical behaviors


For more information and instructions on how to apply for this volunteer position, please email

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