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Love of football translates to love of reading

RSVP volunteer Rochelle shares her winning strategies for motivating her Reading Buddy

The Spokane County Library District's Reading Buddy program pairs volunteers as mentors, with elementary school students. Thank you to RSVP volunteer Rochelle for sharing this photo of her and her Reading Buddy. Here's what Rochelle has to say about her experience as a Reading Buddy:

​"The Reading Buddies program has proven to be a positive experience for me and my buddy. Upon discovering my buddy is a Seahawks fan, I got permission to check out books from the library on the topic of football. The library helped me find books on his reading level.
​After he was able to read two books in one session, I introduced "word search," or as some call it, "I spy." I write a word that appeared in one of the books multiple times. He reads the word, then sees how many times he can find that word. With each find he gets to put a mark next to the word I wrote on the paper. When he finishes, he counts the number of marks and writes the number. He gets a big "high five" and a real sense of accomplishment.
​He also reminds me that he has read TWO books, not just one! We both share a positive experience."

Thank you for sharing your story Rochelle, and for the work you do as an RSVP volunteer!

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