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Brookdale Park Place Knit-n-Chat Group

Thank you to Sue at Brookdale Park Place for taking these beautiful photos!

The Brookdale Park Place knit-n-chat group meets weekly to knit hats, scarves, blankets, and other much-needed winter accessories all year long for those in need as part of RSVP of Spokane County's Project Warm-Up initiative. RSVP provides yarn, patterns, and other supplies and handles the tagging and distribution of all donated items.

Thanks to the efforts of Project Warm-Up volunteers like those at Brookdale Park Place, we are able to distribute over 10,000 items each year to agencies like SNAP, DSHS, and WIC, who ensure all donations are given to the neediest people in our community.

Visit the Project Warm-Up page for more information on how you can contribute to keeping Spokane warm!

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