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In Thanks to and In Honor of Anita E. Mase

Spokane man donates nearly $5,000 worth of supplies to Project Warm-Up on behalf of and in honor of late sister

Project Warm-Up, RSVP's initiative to supply handmade winter clothing accessories to people in need, frequently accepts donations of supplies and materials to help support our mission. But we are truly astounded by - and sincerely appreciative of - the generosity of Spokane resident Tom Jones. In August 2019, Tom donated close to $5,000 worth of yarn, fabric, thread, handiwork kits, and various other supplies from the personal collections of his late sister, Anita E. Mase, who passed away July 7, 2019.

The 962 skeins of donated yarn (comprising a variety of colors, sizes, and weights) have an estimated value of $4,810. We assign each skein of yarn a flat value of $5.00, an average calculated based on a cost comparison of multiple local and online retailers. Anita and Tom's donation also included a vast array of other supplies and accessories, from latch hook kits and knitting needles to embroidery hoops and thread, not to mention patterns, craft books, and completed projects. (RSVP only counts yarn in our valuation of in-kind donations.)

Anita was passionate about knitting & crocheting - she particularly enjoyed knitting and crocheting beautiful afghans, which she gifted to family members and friends. When Tom learned about Project Warm-Up, he knew right away that it was the perfect home for his sister's crafting supplies. In a discussion with Anita, she indicated to her brother that she thought this project would be a wonderful place for her collection. As Tom stated in a recent letter,

"Anita would appreciate all the good that will come from the efforts you and your volunteers are making with her possessions."

Anita was not an RSVP member, but in her lifetime she exemplified the kind of dedicated altruism we seek to recognize and support in our volunteers. For over 20 years, Anita volunteered at the St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute, where she contributed over 14,000 hours of service and served as a mentor to volunteers with physical disabilities. A few years ago, she donated over 100 stuffed animals to local schools and police precincts to give to children enduring stressful life situations.

Tom describes his sister this way:

"Anita was independent, liked her privacy, but had a deep love for her family and friends. Over the years, she had memorized the birthdays of all family members through three or four generations - and we have a large family!"

Anita and Tom's donation will enable dozens of Project Warm-Up volunteers to continue the important work they do to keep Spokane warm. We at RSVP of Spokane County extend our gratitude once more to the Mase and Jones families. We consider it an honor to accept this donation and carry on Anita’s legacy of love and compassionate service.

If you would like to make a donation to RSVP or Project Warm-Up, or would like more information about how to participate, please contact Teri Wallace at or (509) 344-7787.

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