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Spokane Eastside Reunion Association (SERA)




East Central

Focus Area: 

Education/Youth Mentoring

Populations served: 

Time Commitment:

M-W 3:30-5pm


The Spokane Eastside Reunion Association (SERA) feeds the soul of Spokane through our neighborhood ministry—bringing restoration and opportunities to the Eastside community.

SERA is committed to providing quality and accessible neighborhood programs and opportunities to our community.

Our Programs

Mentor/Tutor Program: Our Mentor/Tutor program operates from our newly opened Tutoring and Recreation Center, open daily for children 1st grade through 12th grade. Our primary objectives are to build academic skills and resilience.


Summer Youth Basketball Camp: Our Basketball Camp serves disadvantaged youth ages 5 to 16 from all over Spokane. Its primary objective is to inspire kids to live healthy and active lives and build resilience to ensure their success.


Fresh Soul: Fresh Soul is a life skills and job training program that serves youth ages 14-18. Our program runs for 16 weeks and covers topics such as kitchen training, kitchen etiquette, food handling skills, service, budgeting, resume building, job searching, interview skills, mentoring, and pride in and giving service to our community.

Volunteering with the SERA Mentor/Tutor Program - CURRENTLY SUSPENDED

Monday through Wednesday | 3:30pm-5pm


For more info, contact Karen Sutula @ (509) 768-4989 or or 
Michael Brown @ (509) 995-3606


Our tutoring center is run by a director and team of tutors from the local universities who work with students one-on-one to assess where the student wants help with their school work. A plan is then created and daily goals decided.


Our tutors focus on the progress and growth of the student in their school work and help them to develop critical thinking skills, healthy studying habits, creating goals, and other skills that will help them to be successful and develop a lifelong love of learning.


We stress attendance, accountability, and responsibility and are in communication with the student’s parents and teachers to create a supportive team. We even provide a healthy snack and encourage interest in other areas such as music, sports, and art.

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