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HUB Sports Center

19619 E Cataldo Ave
Liberty Lake, WA 99016

(509) 927-0602


HUB 360, Police Activity League


Liberty Lake

Focus Area: 

Education/Youth Mentoring

Populations served: 

Time Commitment:

During school year, M-F 3 - 6pm


Mission Statement

HUB Sports Center joins the communities of faith, sports, education, business and government to positively impact our youth and region through events and programs that enhance life skills.

Purpose Statement

To provide events that have a positive impact on youth and the community.

HUB Sports Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization designed to provide the community with an outstanding sports and multi-purpose facility. We have operated this facility since the latter part of 2007. The facility is 66,000 sq. ft. and includes 5 basketball courts, 3 dance studios, a lobby/concessions area and office space. The court space is used for basketball, volleyball, soccer, and pickleball, among other things. The studios are used for aerobics, fitness training, dancing, martial arts and meeting rooms.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for youth (and adults/seniors) to learn valuable life lessons through participation. Most of these opportunities at the HUB Sports Center happen through sporting events. We provide these activities and events through a combination of partnerships with other organizations and HUB hosted programs. 

We seek out strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations such as: Spokane AAU/Hoopfest, Northwest YMCA, Special Olympics Washington, Evergreen Region Volleyball, and local School Districts. 

When other needs or opportunities are identified and there isn’t a partner available, HUB Sports Center steps in to create, operate, and host that program.  Some of these include: HUB 360 afterschool program, Dads & Dudes Night, Futsal League, Homeschool PE, Police Activity League, and others.


Volunteering at HUB Sports Center


HUB 360 After-school Program - CURRENTLY SUSPENDED

The HUB 360 program serves 6-8th graders from 3:00-6:00pm on school days. Staff mentor students with their school work, teach them about healthy living, provide an opportunity to experience a variety of sports – and provide a snack. Community businesses and individuals come and share their expertise in skills, trades, industries and/or talents with the students. Our goal is to provide a safe place for these students to be part of a community and help build a well-rounded person through enrichment, physical activity and academic study.  There is no fee for these students to attend the HUB 360 program.


We currently collaborate with five schools from Central Valley School District, two from West Valley School District, as well as East Valley Middle School.  Administrators and Counselors identify students and families that would benefit from this program.  Students from local high schools and colleges volunteer to mentor these middle school students.

We are seeking mature volunteers who want to be a positive mentor and role model for these students. These volunteers would assist the Site Director with the lesson plan for the program.  This would include helping the students concentrate and focus when it is time for homework and study session, be respectful and courteous when guest speakers present, and have an opportunity to play with the students during the PE time.


More details and videos about HUB 360 are available at:

Police Activity League - CURRENTLY SUSPENDED


The Police Activity League is a partnership between HUB Sports Center, Spokane Valley Police Department, Liberty Lake Police Department, Central Valley, West Valley and East Valley School Districts.  This event is about providing opportunities for our youth to interact with local law enforcement in a positive activity and help establish respect and understanding.

Participating youth need to be pre-registered before attending.  The day will consist of group games, lunch, and rotating through various sport stations as well as a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) station.

We are seeking mature volunteers who want to assist the Program Director with the daily lesson plan.  This would include splitting the children into age appropriate groups; coordinating the rotations with the groups between the different stations; playing/helping with the activity at the station; and interacting with the children during lunchtime.

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