Contact Update & COVID-19 Survey

This form is for enrolled RSVP members to provide us with accurate contact information. Please note all RSVP volunteer assignments in which you currently serve or were actively serving prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes Project Warm-Up – if you belong to a knitting, crocheting, quilting, or similar group, include that. Please also note if you have stopped volunteering as a result of the pandemic so that we can provide an accurate count of volunteers to the federal agency which administers our grant.

The survey on the same form is intended to assess your feelings about returning to volunteer service when social distancing measures are lifted, as well as possible safety measures or precautions we can take to make you feel more comfortable with volunteering outside your home. The survey also addresses your access to, and comfort with using, various electronic devices and communication platforms that may enable volunteers to serve remotely in a greater variety of ways. We welcome creative ideas for safe remote and “contact-less” volunteer positions.


Please complete the survey even if you have yet to complete an RSVP orientation or begin a volunteer assignment. The responses we receive from our members, whether active or not, will inform the decisions we make as a program moving forward.

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Volunteer Contact Update Form & COVID-19 Survey

RSVP Volunteer Assignment(s) (Including Project Warm-Up; include any knitting/crocheting/quilting/etc. groups you belong to, if your group donates items to Project Warm-Up):

If No:
Once "stay at home" measures are lifted, will you resume volunteering?
What would make you comfortable with returnng to volunteer service? (Check all that apply)


Which of the following devices do you have access to at home? (Check all that apply)
Which of the following video message applicatios are you comfortable using? (Check all that apply)

Do you have other ideas for ways to volunteer from home? Share them below!

[Examples: making face masks, making telephone check-in calls, writing letters, etc.]

Thanks for submitting!